New Glide user, happy to try this tool

Hello, my name is Thierry, I’m from Switzerland. I use Airtable to many things (project managements, etc.) I want to use Glide in top of it.
I hope to find the perfect match.
Have a great day


Hi Thierry,

Welcome to this cool community :partying_face:

You can connect your Airtable Base easily with Glide and build a nice App or Page! :fire:

You can check the Docs how to connect! : Airtable - Glide Library

And I suggest to go through the beginning of Docs to learn Glide easily! : Welcome - Glide Library

If you face for any issues during your Glide journey and don’t know how to solve it this is the place that you can get help! :muscle:

Wishing you the best of luck!

Have a great weekend!

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Welcome to Glide!