Sync Glide Form Submissions to AirTable?

I’m creating my app working through Glide and using the Glide tables, so all of my tables look like the screenshot I attached. I created a form on my Glide app, and I already have the form set-up to so that the submissions go onto the “Talks” Glide table, but I also want all of those submissions to sync to an AirTable base so that my entire team can review the submissions. Do I need to start over and create a new table and choose AirTable instead of Blank Table? I only need my data to sync one way. I just want the submissions to sync out to AirTable.
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Is there a reason you don’t share the app you have with the team, or do they prefer to work with Airtable?

If they prefer to work with Airtable, I think creating a new Airtable is the way. Granted I don’t have any experience with using Airtable in Glide.

In working in Glide myself, I’ve found the Glide tables to be a bit finicky, and I sometimes accidentally delete text that is in the cells. Plus, in AirTable, I think it’s a lot easier to organize the data because you can do different views with different filters in each view, and you can very easily add notes about a record, and I also have it linked to another AirTable base where I’m keeping track of our speaker budget.

I connected my AirTable base now, but it doesn’t seem like this kind of link is accomplishing what I want. I don’t want every single piece of data from AirTable to sync back to Glide. I don’t actually want any AirTable data to sync back to Glide. I only want the form submissions from Glide to sync out to AirTable. I remember I used to do this when I was using Gravity Forms on WordPress. I was able to directly connect it to AirTable, and then I went through a series of steps where it prompted me to match the correct form field data to the correct column in AirTable. Can I do something like that in Glide? Maybe using Zapier or something?

It shouldn’t behave like that. If you can reliably reproduce that, please show us where it went wrong.

Yes, I can understand this.

Is there a reason you don’t want a two-way sync? Does it cost you a lot of rows?

If it’s the case, then you might just want to trigger a webhook in a service like Make/Zapier, and write the row to your Airtable base without syncing it back.

For me, it’s not about it costing me rows, it’s about me not wanting extraneous data in Glide and more about personal preference for keeping me organized. I don’t want data to continually sync back and forth. I want certain things to live in AirTable and certain things to live in Glide, and I don’t want them syncing back and forth all the time.

I have a bunch of thinks linked within AirTable, and when I sync it with Glide, it pulls over soooo much data of all of the table linking I have in AirTable, and it’s super confusing for me and way more info than what needs to live in Glide. I did try syncing things from AirTable and Glide, and it just pulled over so much data that it’s overwhelming for me to look at all of the connections etc in Glide. I just find it really confusing, and I want to work smarter, not harder, so I don’t want to complicate and confuse myself unnecessarily.

Just because I update something in AirTable doesn’t mean that piece of info is ready to go live on the app, or some data or notes that I’m adding in AirTable that are never meant for public consumption, and I don’t want to worry about setting all kind of filter and conditions in Glide to block them from being seen.

I’m still struggling to find a straight forward way to accomplish what I want. I was thinking that syncing out the data one way was going to be straight forward. I did try connecting Zapier, but that isn’t going to accomplish what I want either because it looks like I can only pull over a maximum of 12 data points, and I have more than that.

AirTable doesn’t use APIs anymore, but it says I can request an OAuth integration, and I need to enter a OAuth redirect URL to register the integration, but I’m not sure what that means. I’m trying to read through their help section on how to do this, but it’s above my head😩

I was also looking at the web hook action in Glide, but I’m not entirely sure what that action would be doing.

The webhook action would be the way for you to go if you only want one-way sync.

  • Create a account and create a new scenario, have a custom webhook as your first module in that scenario.
  • Copy the webhook URL from Make.
  • Add a trigger webhook action for your on-submit form action in Glide, specify the webhook URL as the one you have just copied above.
  • Add all the variables you want in there to send over to the webhook.
  • Back to Make, click “redetermine data structure” in the webhook module, and back to Glide, submit a test form, with all the variables filled.
  • Now go to Make, check if the redetermine data structure part is done, add an Airtable module to add a row in your database, connect to your Airtable account with credentials, and add the variables as needed in that module.

You can have the same concept above in Zapier with a webhook, you can send way more variables with a webhook.

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I ended up deciding that I was working harder, not smarter, and I was making the desired action way more complicated than it needed to be. I just embedded an AirTable form directly into my Glide app. I’m annoyed at myself for not thinking of it earlier, but thanks for the suggestions!

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