Airtable & Excel Early Adopters Wanted

Later this week we’d like to onboard a few intrepid people to our early Airtable and Excel integrations. They aren’t ready for production yet, but they’re at the point where you can start building on them, and we’ll iron out all the issues you might run into.

If you’re using Airtable and/or online Excel, want them to integrate with Glide, and are willing to test an early product and give us feedback, please DM me with your Glide email address.

Thank you!


To use Excel, your Excel file must be saved to OneDrive / Microsoft365 online storage.


Integration available for both apps and pages I presume?

To what extent would we need to get IT involved? Or as long as I have access to my own OneDrive / Microsoft365 online storage would that be good enough?

Yes, both apps and pages.

If your account has access to the data you want to work with, that should be enough, but there might be some issues we’re not aware of. That’s why we need help testing :wink:


Yes please!

AirTable please @Mark - appreciated

I am in for Airtable! My entire work is on Airtable. Please count me in. Thanks

Just in case Mark doesn’t know your glide email address probably best to DM it to him (if you haven’t already) - don’t want you all to miss out on testing :+1:

Should you DM Mark with your email address, you can also let him know if you’re interested in testing Excel or Airtable.

Up for Excel. Any chance of it breaking?

At this point, yes :wink:

I just turned on Airtable for everybody who DMed me. Some limitations for now:

  1. You have to make a new project to get Airtable - you can’t yet add Airtable to an existing one. That’ll be fixed in the next few weeks.
  2. Link columns don’t come over into Glide yet. That’ll be fixed within a week.
  3. You can’t yet write data back to Airtable. That’ll be fixed for basic columns within the next few weeks. For links and “multi” columns it’ll take a lot longer.


I see when it pulls a table over, it leaves some blank rows in between rows with data, and the order is not the same from Airtable to Glide



Those empty rows are rows you have in Airtable, probably at the bottom of your table there.

You can have many different orders in Airtable for a single table. Which order would you expect to see in Glide?

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I’d actually like to be able to set and choose a view from Airtable. I can set the view to filter out what I want and don’t want, and set my list to see that data only. Absent of that, whatever Airtable considers a default view. (The standard Grid view, perhaps)

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Hey guys, so I’m testing the Airtable connection, I’ve successfully connected to the API, but when I enter the URL to the table the app doesn’t generate, here’s a video showing the issue:

Did you enter Airtable Url of Base or Url of a table ?

It’s not Clear on your video.

you must enter the URL of the base so that it retrieves all the tables.

Could you send me an invite to the Airtable base you’re trying to connect?

Hi @Mark

I’m interested in trying that beta. I’ve send you a private community message. All my data stuff is in Airtable so I would like to help Glide to go for it! Yeah! Airtable & Glide it’s a game changer.

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Unfortunately not to that one specifically as it contains very sensitive data. But I’m gonna try with another one see if the same thing happens