Date and time Airtable column not syncing in Glide

Hi everyone,

Happy to be part of this community.
I just started using Glide and I hit an issue for which I was not able to find a solution online or on the forum.
My app is on top of an Airtable DB and I have an issue with one column that is not syncing from Airtable to Glide. All other columns are working perfectly.
Can someone guide me how I can make the column appear in glide DB?

Thank you.

Is it the column that doesn’t appear in Glide, or just the data?

I don’t know anything about Airtable, but if an Airtable column doesn’t appear in Glide at all, then it’s probably a column type that Glide doesn’t support.

Hi Darren
The column is not appearing. The type of the column is Date and Time.


Okay. I don’t think I can help. But there are other users in the Community that are familiar with Airtable, so hopefully someone will be able to help you out.

I don’t have much knowledge about Airtable as well, but I assume it’s a basic column where you can write info into it, and might not be connected to any Airtable automations? Is there something different about that column compared to the synced ones?

@ThinhDinh The column is Date and Time type in Airtable.