Break down of time

Something very strange is happening. My Glide tables aren’t syncing any time columns with google… they’re showing up blank. For example, column in google for =ARRAYFORMULA(if(ROW(CH:CH)=1,“:watch:Time/Today’s date”,today())) of course is just an entire column of today’s date. In Glide, I see the columns title as “:watch:Time/Today’s date” but all values are gone. If I type a date into Glide, that writes to google and as expected, ruins the computed column and makes it “Ref” for the first row and blank for the rest… but interestingly, that value that was just entered into glide also disappears. No matter what is typed into glide, it reverts to a blank column. Google columns with set data (not equations) also shows up blank in glide. This is causing major issues in my app, of course.

To check that I didn’t do anything to have caused this, I went to a different app I made, and it appeared to be fine. I took one action (which used time in a few ways including writing to a time column), and then all those columns used turned blank.

What format is your date in the google sheet?
What is the column type in the glide data editor?

Also, is there a reason why you aren’t doing this in Glide? A simple math column can give you the current date/time.

There are different types… date only, and date and time in both glide and goggle. I even changed one to a text column and it was still not syncing.

I’m thinking this might be an issue of overloading glide, as I seem to progressively be having more random problems pop up here and there, with no explanation and that sometimes fix themselves in time. After two hours of the time columns not syncing I see most of them syncing now, with a few sheets that still have the time not syncing.

When I first started with Glide I didn’t know if there was a benefit to having more of the “work” done on glide versus google, and went with google because for much of the computations I needed, I could condense a lot more into one equation/column in Glide rather than having to multistep it with what I knew how to do in Glide. As the app grows in complexity and users, I think that decision is coming back to hurt.

When you see the “Ref” error, is it in the Google Sheet? Has this equation ever worked successfully in the column header row? If so, what changed? Is your Glide app placing the date into the same column CH that your array formula is in? If so, that might be the source of your issue.

If you don’t want to bring this all to Glide, you can try modifying the formula to:

={"Time/Today’s date";ARRAYFORMULA(if(ROW(CH:CH)>1,today(),""))}

I have never used a formula to calculate the header like that, so I just want to try to see if that eliminates the problem.

Also, your formula means every row you have in the table will be filled with today’s date. You can pick another column in the database that is always filled for every data row you have, say column A, and change it to this so only rows with actual data are filled.

={"Time/Today’s date";ARRAYFORMULA(if(A2:A<>"",today(),""))}

The bottom line, for me, is always try to move things to Glide, where possible.