Syncing issue? Glide writing to read-only Google sheet columns

I’ve been seeing some strange behavior in Glide lately. A few times, I’ve noticed my google sheet computed time stamp column get messed up by having a time written in [=ARRAYFORMULA(if(ROW(BJ:BJ)=1,“:watch:Time/stamp”,now())))]

In glide, this column is read only. I’ve checked the “Find uses” to verify there are are no “write” slipped in.

However, I occasionally find things awry in the app, and find the time column had a time written into it.

I just found another two computed columns had data written into them as well. The values written were the values expected, but the values being entered directly, breaks the computed column for all the other rows.

This makes me think there’s a syncing issue. It’s as if Glide misidentifies some data as new, and thinks it needs to be written to google.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

I have another syncing /data save type issue, that perhaps is related to this, idk. Edit screen/form not saving data consistently - #9 by MatthewS

I had a similar issue when I was powering the Name and Email in the User Profile table with formulas. I changed the flow to all basic columns and everything is normal.

Are you using any Formulas in that way?

I have tons of google formulas being used for various things… querying some columns of row owned sheets to public sheets, formatting, etc. But I’ve had all this for months. Hundreds of profiles have been made and this has only been an issue for the past few weeks… so it seems something must have changed. Converting it all to basic columns, basically just using glide tables would be a massive overhaul, if even possible.