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I have created a glide app which requires a user to log-in storing their email address as the unique (primary key) in an airtable. When the user registers themselves as an entrant to the event, the user should be able navigate (click) the entries icon to add multiple entries. Each entry should store the email address as this links them to the participating entrant. How would one go about to default the email address when adding multiple entries for an entrant? I have tried choice, but I can’t seem to default the email address to the USERs table Email Address.

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I believe your app requires sign in.

You should first make a user table with the following basic columns:

  1. User email
  2. User name
  3. User image

Then connect your user sheet to user profiles.

Whenever a new user signs in, their email will be recorded to the user sheet.

Now make another sheet for Events that might include columns like:
Event name
Event details
Event date

Make a form button with source to that Event sheet. On special values, add “users email address” for User email.

Now when any user registers themselves as an entrant, their email will be auto recorded in the User email column of Entrant sheet.

If you want the users to see what events they have registered themselves to, make a relationship column between User sheet and Event sheet and match the email addresses.

In the user profile page, add the relationship inline list and users will see the events they have registered themselves to.

Hope you understood.

If you still have any problems or are still confused, feel free to connect with me on Calendly - Hassan Nadeem. :slight_smile:

Thank you, most of what you have recommended is already in place. I have booked a time to connect :slight_smile: