Assign default values for the number entry input fields in the glide app

We have created an app wherein we give default values to the number entry fields through google sheets to avoid blank fields, and when the user wants he can configure these input fields with his data.

Is there any possibility in glide where the number entry input fields can be set to a default value, and can this feature be user specific. ?

For eg. For the input fields we want to assign default value as 20, and the user can configure this field as per his data let’s say to 40. In Addition to that we want to make it user specific, i.e. for user type A, the default values should be set to 20, and for user type B, the default value should be 60.

I think you can structure it a bit differently here.

I saw your other thread, I assume it’s the entry fields when the user first enter the app.

Then I assume you can do something like this:

  • Show a number entry with a placeholder (not a default value, it’s still empty by default). The placeholder can be dynamic based on your user’s other pieces of data.
  • Let them edit that field as they want, but if they leave it empty, when the user does an action that moves them out of the current screen, set the default value to the fields. Else keep it as is.
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Thank you @ThinhDinh for your suggestion, so in our app we totally depend on this input fields, components like bar graphs, line charts and tables calculate the output from this input fields source column, and show this output to the user. If we keep number entry fields as blank, then these components which is also picking up the data will be also blank, in addition to that we do a financial projections which involves data upto 16 Quarters and are displayed using the line charts, due to complexity of this line chart, we have to calculate the projections data in the gsheet itself, which is also linked to this input field, So Show a number entry with a placeholder will not probably be efficient and have the best user experience in our case.

I want the same default value feature as in the forms input fields.

In a details screen, you can’t have that unless you set it in an action before the users see those entry components.

But as I understand it is the first screen people see, so that’s a bit more tricky. Probably you can show a “Welcome” screen before that, and when people click a “Next” button, you leverage that to set default values to those columns.

but how to show the welcome button first as soon as they enter the app.?

Depending on your tab visibility conditions, you can:

  • Create a column called “Welcome Bool” in your User Profiles table. Let it be a boolean column.

  • Create a tab called “Welcome”, only show when “Welcome Bool” is not true. Point that tab to your User Profiles table and filter on the tab level by email is signed-in user. Other tabs should only be shown when “Welcome Bool” is true.

  • Add a welcome text on that screen, and a button that says “Next”. The action for that button should set the “Welcome Bool” column to true, and then set all the default values you need.

@ThinhDinh so i have set a screen named welcome and put a button on it saying next, and in the user profile i have created two math columns, and i have added action to the button saying that if the user presses this button then replace the input field source column data by this user profiles data. Is this method efficient or we can replace the column data using if-else.? will i have to form a relation between the sheets

When a new user signs in, you will need to present them with a button or some other component that can have an action attached. When they tap the button, the action should take the value from the if-then-else column described above, and use it to set the value of the user specific column.

Can i change the user specific column from other screen. for eg. if i source the welcome screen to the user profile sheet and i want to change column values in the new user sheet. is that possible using a button?

Yes. You’ll need to create a relation ‘single’ from one sheet to the other then use a set column values on the button via that single relation.

Thanks @ThinhDinh , for helping me out, while i was testing yesterday i have realised that we have assigned default values to the number entry source column in the google sheets, you can see in the screenshot,

that all the fields are already populated and waiting for the user to login in, so the strange issue i figured out that, as soon as the email column gets populated, then all the values gets visible to the user, but there is a catch we have created two sheets for the new user i.e. 1. User Profiles 2. New User , so we have used User Profile sheet for flagging, and controlling other features, and the New User sheet is where all the other values are stored, Now as soon as the logs in, the email column in the user profile sheet in glide updates after 5-6 seconds and it takes more 10 seconds to update the email column in new user sheet totalling about avg. 20-30 secs delay . until then all the new users sees blank values.

For your information, During my testing, i had only 2 sheets in glide , which i have stated above. then also it is taking so much time. For the email column, i have used the relation column between the User Profiles and New User sheet and have used lookup from the relation, but then also it is taking time of 30 seconds. Any thoughts about, how can we approach for this issue. You can see what is happening through this video: bandicam 2022-03-12 11-27-10-376.mp4 - Google Drive

Even though i have formed a relation between email column of both the sheets and lookup from the relation, the email column is not populating in New User sheet but populating in User Profile sheet.

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