New item/row with defaults set from most recent


Looking at the best options for creating an item/row that a selection of fields are defaulted on the last item entered historically.

The context is that an item is created that holds 12 “scores” of different measures 1 to 5, using the rating component. So the next time a user “scores” it would be useful to just change the ones that are different. This way the data retains the historic trends of the scores.

Now I have used ARRAYFORMULA, for post saving updates to fields (mark the most recent item and setting 0 to 1 for the ratings) but this new requirement requires a preceding event to default, not a post save event that ARRAYFORMULA can handle.

Any ideas?

Thanks Rich

If you have a user profiles, you can use a multiple relation column, matching the emails between the user profiles Sheet and the ratings Sheet (you should also have the email of the user in there, or use user-specific columns to store the ratings).

From that relation column, you can use a single value column to bring back the last ratings the signed-in user has submitted and use them as default values in the next form.

However I doubt that the rating component has a default value, the text entry, number entry and choice component does.

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