🆕 Default values in forms and add screens!

I had to take a break from my day to announce that forms and add screen components can now have default values. In this case, I default a choice in a form in my expenses app:

The default value is a computed column–it changes based on who owes whom!


This solves a huge issue in my app. Thank you thank you thank you! :pray:

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I have chuckled every time I saw your tweet mentioning this app on my timeline.

Cheesy, but it’s cute, and fun.


@david It’s these ‘little’ things that make such a difference. Like polishing a fine jewel. Nice one :point_up:


Ooh, you can default dates to today or now as well. I like that!


YES! This would be huge!

…and speaking of enhancing the “Add” screen…can we please add a visibility filter to it like the Edit Screen?!

…please and thank you.


Huge, huge help!

I do not see this option when using “Add Screen” components - only in Forms. Am I missing something? Otherwise a great enhancement.

Is it a detail view screen or an add screen?

This is for when using “Choice” component (as opposed to a Data Entry component).

Does not work from here:

Works from here:

Shows up for me. Can you also show the component settings where the default value is not showing?

Have you refreshed the browser?

I have refreshed browser.
This is for when using “Choice” component (as opposed to a Data Entry component).

Here is a screen shot - I don’t see the “Default” option - which I do see when it is a Data Entry component.

No Default here:

I see Default here:

I must have been looking at the wrong thing. I see what you are saying now. I guess I would consider that a bug.

Seems when used as a choice, the default is trying to pull from the screen you are on’s data vs. from the choice data. Hope that makes sense. So if the choices are 1, 2 and 3 from the choices list and I go to select “Default Value” my options appear to be from where I am at vs. 1, 2 or 3.


Been waiting for this - Glide team @Mark @Jason, can you please acknowledge that you guys are aware of the fact that default value doesn’t work and we can wait to hear about the fix? Thank you! :pray:


Can someone please make a video that clearly shows a full-screen Glide builder session where the default value is missing, and share a link to that app?

We cannot tell from cropped screenshots alone where to look for the issue.

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Also, if your component is missing a default value option, can you try adding another component of the same type to see if it has a default value option, and let us know?


I haven’t dived deep into this yet, but quick things I noticed.

  • Add mode doesn’t allow for a default option to be added on a choice component, but Form mode does. I assume because you currently can’t type in a default value for the choice component and it requires an underlying row.
  • Can’t type a default choice value. It appears that it can only come from the underlying row (ex. the row the form button is on)
  • Noticed staging allows you to set default from user profile sheet. Not seeing that in Live, but not sure if that part is released yet.

I have the same problem as McJagger, the defaults of Choices are bound to Data instead of Source.

Yes, it looks like we haven’t figured out how to provide default values for Choices on Add screens yet!

We’ll make sure we get these out soon.