Airtable - setting app user in airtable relational column

Maybe I’m missing a fundamental aspect of Glide, but when I have a form in my app that is going to submit a new record to a connected Airtable, I can’t figure out how to connect the submitted information to the user. User is logged in to Glide app, table shows the relational connection that exists in Airtable - but when I submit the form, all the information in the form is posted, but the column for the relational connection is blank - the Glide user is not being picked up and transmitted.

Since the relational fields are not presented as a field to pass inside a Glide form, I have no idea how Airtable is supposed to get the user’s record in order to know who that record belongs to.

Can you explain how that relational connection is created in Airtable? I have no idea how it works in Airtable, but can you move that relation to the Glide side with a Glide relation instead?

I have an airtable table that holds employee information, and that is tied to another table inside airtable for recording time clock entrees. The glide app is being built so the employee can enter their own hours that they have worked. This association has to happen inside airtable for other uses not involving the glide app - Somehow I need to have the information sent back to airtable that the hours submitted are connected to the employee.

EDIT: I found it - in the Form Container. I did not know about the “ADDITIONAL COLUMNS” - where I was able to identify the entire user row …obviously an unseen association. It seems to be working now!

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Great to hear! I assume you must be sending info from the user profiles table/info related to the signed-in user using the special values in the form.