"Users" are not created when signing in with Google

Describe the bug:
When a user signs in for the first time via Google Authentication, that user is not created in the “Users” table in Glide.

Context: I am using Airtable as my source.

I am able to update the profile and complete the onboarding but none of the changes are reflected in the data editor in Glide.

If I manually add this customer in Airtable, it sync that user to the “Users” table in Glide.

Expected behavior:
I would expect a user to be created in the “Users” table when they sign in for the first time.

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As discussed in the Regulars chat, it does sound like a bug to me.

I read that there’s a recent change in how many syncs are allowed through the Airtable API. I assume you have not crossed this threshold? Because if it’s the case, I would expect Airtable not being able to synced with Glide at all, in your case it can still sync one-way.

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