Could Google log-in automatically create account?

I am using e-mail public with e-mail sign-in option at the moment for various reasons and I also followed the Instagram tutorial to allow users to create their individual accounts in the app. However, when I let people test the app, they think they have already registered since they logged in with their Gmail account.

Would it be possible to create a feature that lets first-time users register through Gmail in the same step while launching the app?

Thank you very much

What would make a user be considered as registered for you? What do you mean by ‘register through Gmail’?
Have you looked into User Profiles?


I have the same onboarding problem. In my case the “Profil” tab with the possibility to sign up (insert a name and a photo) is the last tab. A solution would be to display this tab immediately after the user has registered with his email or Google to onboard more fluently. I don’t know if it is possible at the moment to choose the first screen though.

Also in my case when I used the user profile feature with the same sheet I used to use for my sign-up it did not went well since when the user enters his email, a row is added however he still has to “sign up” in the app with a name and photo to actually see other component and use the app. When he does it adds another row.
Would be pleased to know if you find a workaround @Jan_Rebicek otherwise a feature would be indeed appreciated.

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@Spleenr_Spleenr it should only be adding an extra row of you are using a form button to get the rest of the profile information. You should be using an edit screen it entry components when viewing a profile screen. A link to screen button would probably be better.

Thanks for the update. I did create user profiles and the registering process based on this tutorial:, which is apparently now out of date and I should re-do it according to the link you posted.

To answer your question, the difference for me is, that when someone needs to log-in via their e-mail address or Gmail account, the app does not create a new row for the user. So according to the old tutorial I had to create a separate tab where I asked for the name and image of the user (and took the e-mail address by default). But none of the users I tested it with tried to register this way, because they thought that they already did.

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I was thinking about switching the order of tabs as well, but it is far more important for me that the users reach the app, not the register tab. So at the moment I am thinking about creating buttons with link to screen saying something like “have you already registered?” in the bottom of the page and I will hide them conditionally once the user registers.


Set the User Profile table and rows will automatically be created when users sign in for the first time. Let us know if this isn’t working.

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I have to confirm that what @Spleenr_Spleenr said is true.

  1. I used to set up user profiles. However, at the moment, when a user first enters the app using their e-mail address, it only shows the address, not the name or photo. That is logical because the app did not ask for the data yet, and there is no way to make the automatically generated profile tab ask for the data. Even though this is possible through a separate tab at the moment.

  2. Because of what I mentioned in point 1, I also followed this guide: and created a separate tab in which the person can sign up and inputs their name and profile image. This data then populates the profile automatically generated in the menu by Glide.

  3. When I test it, one row is automatically generated when the users use their e-mail address to access the app for the first time, this one is lacking the name and the picture. The second row is created when the user signs up through the separate tab.

In my case, the best solution would be if Glide allowed users to edit their info right in the automatically generated profile. This way, I could lose the “Sign up” Tab entirely.

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Thank you for your tip. I tried to use the User Profiles Table and encountered a bit different problem. I write about it in detail in this response: Could Google log-in automatically create account?

So for clarification you are letting Glide create a new row when a user signs in the first time as well as using a form to write a second row? That’s why I mentioned that you should not be using a form button to finish the profile and should instead be editing the existing row that Glide created. Create a button instead with a link to screen action that takes the user to the profile sheet (filtered by signed in user). There they can finish their profile. When done, you can set visibility to hide the button and show other content.


Thank you very much. That is exactly what I needed to hear :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jeff_Hager. After looking for a solution to the same problem I ended up seeing your post again and again :slight_smile: So, I’ve tried to follow your explanation but I can’t make it work. When I log in as a user with a PIN, I see my email address in the data. When I follow the button that links to the User Profile screen, I see my profile info as basically only the emails address (no picture, no name) but no possibility to edit the data. What am I missing? I’d really appreciate your help.

Ideally you would have a tab linked to the profile sheet, or a button somewhere with the link to screen action that would link to the profile sheet. Clicking on the profile at the top of the menu doesn’t really give you a whole lot of options and you can’t customize it anyway, so you are better off creating your own tab and designing it how you want.

I’ve figured out what my mistake was - I didn’t see that I need to check the option to allow users to edit their data :woman_facepalming: Thanks for your help, Jeff! :bowing_woman:

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Was having a similar problem having followed the ‘Finstagram’ video on YouTube with regards to setting up a profile screen. This is the perfect solution to correct the issue of ending up with 2 rows per user on your profile sheet - thanks @Jeff_Hager

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