Make content visible only to users who have created a profile

Hey, Glide community!

I have been trying to implement a user onboarding flow in my app: the goal is to let users access the app only if they fill their profile info.
I have used @Robert_Petitto’s tutorial to do it, but it doesn’t work, because when the user registers, a row with his email is created, and then another row is created when he fills the form, thus making it seem like it’s a new user when it’s the same one.

How can I make sure that when the user fills the form, his input is sent to the first column, without creating a new one?

Thanks !

Here’s the rest of my setup btw :


I had a similar use case.
In Google Sheets I created a separate tab that used the UNIQUE formula of App Logins.
I then used this tab in Glide to hang all of the user data from including having a 4 digit PIN entry upon login that is validated against a master PIN list. This is then used in Visibility criteria to show or not show information.

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Thank you so much, you just solved my problem, it works now !

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Thanks Jeff.
I’ve realigned my logic to remove the UNIQUE feature!

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