I need help with the sign in option

Am creating an app the requires an e-mail, so i set the settings to public with e-mail and i also want that signed in user to make a profile on my app, but when he signs up to make a profile it jumps the filed a row and makes a new row and glide can’t pick up the row to be displayed on the “m=My profile” tab…

this is the current signed in user(for some reason, the moment he signed in his e-mail appeared in my google sheet and when the same signed in user makes an account, it makes a new row)

What can i do to fix it…
Please help!!!

User Profiles in Glide will automatically generate a row for you when a user signs in for the first time. It appears that your process is set up to also add a new row? You should be editing the existing row that glide generated for you instead of adding a new row.

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how can i change that??

I assume it’s your onboarding flow. I don’t know how you have that set up. Typically you would directly show a detail screen in a tab that’s pointing to your user profile table. Then filter that tab so it’s linked to the signed in user. I’m guessing your onboarding flow is set up to add a row. You don’t need to add a row since the row is automatically generated in the first place.


yes yes, thanks a lot sir @Jeff_Hager

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