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Is there a tutorial on how to allow the user to sign in and create a profile in Glide pages? I’ve found a few for Glide apps, but they don’t directly translate which is frustrating.

This might help:

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Thank you. Is a user able to edit their profile using Glide pages? I don’t use the “Allow users to edit” option that is noted in Glide Apps.

To be clear, I added a button and linked the action to the “Show Edit Screen”, but right now it’s only letting the user update the email address that they signed up with. I would also like the user to be able to add a photo, their name, and telephone number.

The button works just fine. It brings them to the same edit screen. To allow them to edit other fields, simply add additional “entry” components.

Sorry if I’m being dense. I already have other fields in my table, so I would have expected the user to be able to edit those fields as well when I set “Show Edit Screen” as action. When I set “Add Row to User Profile” as the action, nothing happens when I click the button. Can you please note what specific action I should use?

When a user signs into your app, a row is automatically created for them and the email field is populated with the email address they used to sign in.

Do not use an “add row” action because then the user profile table will contain more than one row per user.

Instead, you can use a button with the “show edit screen > user profile row”. On the edit screen, add “entry” components for every field you want them to populate as part of their profile.

Not sure how else to explain this in writing…if you’re still not following, I can create a video.

Thank you I’ll try that. I’m actually having trouble logging in on my computer. Usually I’m asked to sign in with Google or with my email. I choose the latter. This morning, there was only the option to sign in with Google on my computer. On my ipad, I still have the option to sign in with email. Any idea why that is? Thank you!

Of course as soon as I sent this email and after trying for 20 minutes, it started working. Pls ignore.