How the user can update her user account from the app


I am just starting using Glide with the aim at building a very simple app for University students, where the students can see their schedule depending on which group they are assigned to (1-12 groups). I am thinking of using the public with email sign-in, and putting the Group variable in the Users sheet. I will need the information of Group in order to filter the calendar entries accordingly.

How can we do so that the user is prompted to submit the Group information after the first sign in and then be able to change if needed?

Many many thanks in advance!


You can have a “Profile” page for them, filter by email is signed-in user and let the user edit that page using the pencil button.

Thanks a lot for the so prompt reply.
There is already an Account page, is it possible to use that? If not are you thinking of a tab for the profile page, or is there a way to add a profile page in the menu (three lines menu)?

What’s your recommendation about the first sign-in and filling in the Group? How can we do that?

Sorry for all the questions…

No worries, we will always try to help here so if you have questions just ask :smile:

Usually my flow is this, for any apps with user profiles settings:

  • Have an initial sign-up tab which is only visible when profile is not done (you can have multiple ways to check that it is done or not, either by an If > Then > Else column or what I usually do, a column that will be increased by 1 using a button with increment action)

  • About the group thing, you can just add a choice component for that.

  • Then have a “Your profile” tab that points to the Profile page, filter by email is signed-in user. Turn on the edit option. As it already is filtered by the user’s email, they can edit information that only applies to their signed in email.

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