Log In Screen for User set up

Can someone please explain to me the process for having a user sign up on the page I created without the glide user login page or help me make my pages more efficient with it.

I created a page where the user as an option to join or log in for what the created an account for. the join button has the two options to select from to create an account. i have a row in my sheets for email and password.

how do i complete these sets for the users to have access to their specific screens and to be able to view only the screen I created when needing to login and not the glide login page.

Just so I understand, you want to avoid using Glide’s built in secure sign in method and replace it with your own version that has no built in security to protect user passwords and identity?

I would suggest allowing the user to sign in using glide’s built in authentication methods. Then enable user profiles to have a user row automatically generated when the user signs in. Then direct the user to a screen where they have to select the type of account that they want.

Once that is all set up and working, then you will have access to the user’s user profile record to set any filters or visibility that you need anywhere throughout your app.


Ok I see I just had an extra page. Now when users sign in using their email do i need to have an email section on the form i have for the user to fill out for which type user they are?
Also, how do I set it up for when the user clicks which profile they want to join with for the user to only see those pages?

if there are videos made already please feel free to share.

I would have a tab that points to your user profile table and is only visible when the user profile type is empty. All other tabs would be conditioned to show once the type is not empty. On that type screen, you can filter the screen where the email is the signed in user, so they will only edit their own row. I wouldn’t use a form, because forms add rows. You should already have an existing row so you only want to change the user type on that existing row. They should not need to enter an email again since they are already signed in. All you should need is a choice component for the user to select the type of user they are. Once they do, the tab will hide and the other tabs will show.

I recommend checking out this thread for a more details on how to do this.


i hate that i do not understand this for the way i have my page set up