How to create Onboarding screens Flow

After many, many requests for me in my first onboarging flow to make this video, here it is how to do create an Onboarding screen Flow! :rocket:

:pushpin: Don’t forget to:

  • Filter the tab/screen when Email is signed-in user;
  • To turn into screens, use Link to screen action always This item, to keep always in the same row.
  • Set a column to complete the onboarding
  • Set the tabs visility based on this column when the user complete the onboarding.

thank you :):):):slight_smile: thank you for take time and thank you for the video :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Will reference this in a lot of threads going forward.

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You’re welcome! Hope it can help you!

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Thanks a lot @Lucas_Pires!

Question: do you really need the “Timestamp” for the onboarding complete, or is it ok to set column with TRUE, 1 etc ?
(just because I have several dependant columns on it …)

Thanks again

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You’re welcome @AyS_0908!

As I said in the video, I comment we can use whatever column you want. Before I was used to add an boolean column and just set true, but for me now I prefer like this. This is not a requirement, you can do the way you prefer :grin: