HELP: Whenever a user updates their profile it overrides the data in the first row!

HELP: What can i do to get it so that each new user doesn’t override the profile data of the first row??

I’ve followed Rob’s YouTube video on Gamifying Logins and setting up a “Create A Profile” tab,, BUT every time I simulate adding more than one user the fresh “Create A Profile” tab is already pre populated with the first row of data that I had already created.

When I then click the “complete profile” button it overrides that first row of data.

I’ve just started using Glide last week and suspect is has something to do with the “Column is User-specific” BUT it is greyed out and I am unable to check that box in my users tab …

Here are some screenshots:

@Robert_Petitto - Do you have any suggestions??

Thanks All,

You’ll need to make sure that the onboarding tab is set to filter where email is signed in user.

Thaaaaank you Robert! Really appreciate it.

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