Help Understanding User Profiles in game-style app

##Building User Profiles to create distinct log-ins for gamers


Data is being overwritten in each user specific column when new information is input while under the same user profile.

Do I need different profiles for every user/team that logs on to keep their data distinct?

I used Glide to build out a simple game where users (aka Teams) each log on and answer a series of questions. Their response is input via a choice component (ABCD multiple choice options), and the data is recorded in a sheet. These are eventually converted to points according to an algorithm and is reported back to the user in real-time.

The data in each row is being re-written every time the initial FORM sheet is filled out. I thought this form would create new lines of data and make each row specific to the current team’s info. Not working that way.

If I pay for the most expensive version of Glide, it looks like I can create specific user profiles. Will this make the app look “refreshed” for each user? Hope this makes sense. Any insights appreciated!


Make sure the initial “form screen” is filtered where email is signed in user.

Thanks for the response!

In this instance are we presupposing that the user already has a log in with an associated email? That would make me think I need to create distinct user log ins for each team. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


You don’t need to have a Pro license to have user profiles, it’s available on any tiers.

Reading this made me think if you really have “user-specific” columns set up or not, else it wouldn’t have been overwritten.

Sounds like you’re letting people writing on the same line of data, as Robert said. Try filtering the screen to let users write on their own rows only (assuming you are forcing them to sign-in before doing any of this).

If you have some screenshots or a video of how you’re setting things up it would be better for us to understand the situation.

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Thanks for the info, Tinh. I adjusted my view of the data (“viewing as 'user x '”) and saw that the data was not being overwritten. I had the columns set up, just viewed it incorrectly. Your insight helped, so thanks.

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