Could Google log-in automatically create account?

I have to confirm that what @Spleenr_Spleenr said is true.

  1. I used to set up user profiles. However, at the moment, when a user first enters the app using their e-mail address, it only shows the address, not the name or photo. That is logical because the app did not ask for the data yet, and there is no way to make the automatically generated profile tab ask for the data. Even though this is possible through a separate tab at the moment.

  2. Because of what I mentioned in point 1, I also followed this guide: and created a separate tab in which the person can sign up and inputs their name and profile image. This data then populates the profile automatically generated in the menu by Glide.

  3. When I test it, one row is automatically generated when the users use their e-mail address to access the app for the first time, this one is lacking the name and the picture. The second row is created when the user signs up through the separate tab.

In my case, the best solution would be if Glide allowed users to edit their info right in the automatically generated profile. This way, I could lose the “Sign up” Tab entirely.

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