Problems with sign-in/sign-up process

Hello everyone,
I’ve been struggling for hours now: I am having troubles setting up the signups process for my users and I was hoping you could help me out: in order to set it out I was using the youtube video about making your own instagram as reference, as the logic for my signup process is very close to the IG one (register first and then share a sort of post).

So Here is the walk-through of my issue: whenever I (as an hypothetical user) sign in (I sat up the public with email option), my email goes in the dedicated tab of my sheet (as shown in IMG-1). Once I am logged in, the app only knows my email but I want it to also have a name and a picture, so I set up a form button in a dedicated sheet that once opened, it lets me fill it in with my name and a picture. As filters I set that EMAIL (the space in the dedicated tab of the sheet) is signed in user, and I also set a special value which states that EMAIL is the user’s email address.

Now, what happens is, when I logged in the first time with only my email and the pin I received, it saved that email on a row (let’s say row 1), but when I click on the form button, put my name and email, it saves them AND the email (again) on the row below (row 2 in this case). – -(IMG-2 for the example).

Once the user clicks on Submit, the button should disappear and his picture with his name and email should appear (I set all the proper visibility conditions); instead, the form closes, the popup saying Sent shows up, but the button is still there and the profile does not show up, all because the first email sits alone in one row while the name and picture (with that same email again) sit on another row and glide only recognizes the first row I suppose (IMG-3 for the example).

I attach pictures with the actual examples (, I hope you can help me fix this!

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Hi Lorenzo,

Having a form button for a registration process is not a good practice as it adds a new row to your data and make it duplicate.

Instead, filter the profile page by signed-in user using the email (as each new email login will always add a new row for that email as you have seen), then enable the edit option in the tab.

Therefore, a user can only see and edit their own profile page, setup the registration process in that edit button just like how you do it for the form.

Also add a text saying “Please complete your registration process using the pencil button on the top right”.

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That’s what I was looking for, thank you very much!

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