Welcome screen onboarding not working properly. Why?

When you share the link to your app, the email column shows my email id which I used to test the app. Why?

I deleted all data from google sheet and glide database but it is still picking up my email id.

Can you share some screenshots of where this is happening?

If it’s a details screen, make sure you filter it by signed-in user.

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These are the screens. If I set email is signed-in user, even then it does not solve the problem.

Also by setting the filter it does not let the user fill in info to complete profile

Is this only in the Editor or the live app too?

Users only show up in your profile sheet after they actually login (or you can add them manually to the sheet).

Also, see if removing your css background helps. I’m not sure but it looks like it’s on top of your fields. CSS isn’t officially supported in Glide so it’s possible that it could be causing issues.

Is your email showing up for other users on the Welcome screen, or only on your devices? It’s likely just your browser remembering your last entry.

Oh! Okay.

Let me try creating new sheet and setting up new app without rich text.

Thats possible too. It’s like whole app is not working the way it should. On submitting profile, onboarding tab does not go away as it should sometimes and other times it does.

Sorry not by computer but from your screen shots it would appear no one is signed in so not being previewed correctly? Could be wrong :expressionless:

Also is this box checked so you are previewing as a signed in user?

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Also, make sure you’ve assigned a sheet as the User Profile sheet (click the sign-in area in the Menu, then make sure you have a sheet set for User Profiles).


So I went ahead and created everything from scratch. I am just trying to figure out user onboarding right now.

So now after I published the app, when in the live version I log in, then it shows onboarding tab. It is greyed out, cannot click it to fill in username and photo.

Filter is set in onboarding details section to email as user signed in

Question: When publishing an app, in the preview section should I be signed as someone or just have published it with preview as empty.
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If there is some other way to set onboarding, please tell me that. This way is how robert pettito mentioned in tutorials. Maybe glide made updates or something after that.

Add the user as a row in your User sheet. It’s currently blank, so even if you’re previewing as someone, they need to be a user in the sheet for it to work.

When new users login the first time, Glide will insert their email as a new row, then they’ll have access to the other fields and they won’t be grayed out for them.

Do you mean add email address in the sheet?

Yup. For testing purposes, you need to manually add your test email address to your Users sheet, or else the preview as won’t do anything. If your app is published, signing in to the live app will also add your email as a row and will allow you to preview as that email address.


I tried it that way only, for posting pics I deleted the row

You can add any value as an email address in your Users sheet for testing (doesn’t need to be a real email address). After you add it, make sure you’ve checked it off in the Preview As area to act as that user in the app.

  1. This is what happened when I removed the filter from the onboarding app (email as signed-in user). CP button shows up. But
    it populated the new user data in the existing dummy email address.

  1. If I add the filter (email as te signed in user), then when the new user logs in, the screen gets greyed out and does not let the user add username or photo. Also the CP button does not show up

My guess is it has to do with new update where you cannot store real email addresses?

When you have user profiles enabled and you sign in through the published url, it should automatically create a new user row in the user profile sheet. It most likely will not do this in the editor because you technically don’t never sign in through the editor. If you manually deleted rows from the user profile sheet, and do in fact have user profiles enabled, then it’s possible that glide is still tracking emails that already signed in and will not add new rows for “existing” users into the user profile sheet. In that case you can try the 'Delete User Data’s option under the privacy settings to delete baby user data from glide servers that may still exist, such as the emails that were previously used to sign into your app.

The problem you are running into when filtering the screen is that there is no existing row to attach to, so everything bus grayed out. When you remove the filter, then it attaches to the first row, if one exists.

For the future…Row Owners are more secure and will automatically filter to just the user’s data without having to set a filter, but keep in mind that no other users will have access to that data other than their own rows, so it’s only useful when you have confidential information in a sheet that only the owner of that row can have access to.

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I cannot set row id, as this is a blog site, so users need to see each others post.

About the filter, so are you saying that I should add the whole first row like email add, name, image, has profile? and then publish and test it again?