Airtable sync speed

+1 to this.

@david For my use-case, creating new rows and having those rows be immediately editable is a huge issue when working with airtable. This is the case when a “linked” (airtable related) field is updated or created in another table. Here is an example of that flow:

  1. New user is created
  2. User edits their information immediately (Does not work sometimes due to sync time)
  3. User creates a new related record (Record A) related to their user profile row
  4. User creates related record to Record A (Record B)

These are the issues with each of these steps:

  1. No issue
  2. Row is created, but does not show up immediately, around 30 sec to 3 min.
  3. Linking this record is unreliable, because if the base has not been synced, the record to be linked to (“this row”) will not be added.
  4. Even if it is, it will not show up for the user immediately. Therefore, users cannot create records for Record A until the full sync with Airtable is complete.

There must be a way to immediately display these linked fields on glides, then letting airtable’s sync catch up later? My solution requires row owners and submitting user emails in different rows, but this is complicated and does not always work. Updating Table A with the related fields from airtable immediately after creating a related row in Table B would improve stability and usability of glide.