Delay with new records being synced from Airtable to Glide


I have been getting feedback about a noticeable delay between a new record being added to Webflow and this same record being synced to Glide.

I am currently on “Extra” sync mode, but I still notice that it takes 4-5 mins for the data to sync.

I don’t have this same issue so much with data updating. That seems to happen somewhat quickly.

My suggestion/request to help address this issue is to allow maybe for us to trigger syncing via a webhook when a new record is added rather than syncing on a cycle. This would make Glide respond a lot fast to new data being added.

Is this already possible? Has anyone found workarounds?


I wonder if you could update a specific record in a glide table through the glide API, and cause it to trigger a sync…

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I didn’t know Glide had an API :grimacing: - I’ll look into it.

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At first glance, it appears that using this API won’t solve the problem.

I wonder if there are more insights on how Glide and Airtable sync. Does it happen on a set schedule like every 5 mins or every 3 mins when it is on extra?

Because the guys at Whalesync who sync data between different platforms trigger the syncing when a record field changes, which would be significantly more economical for syncing entire datasets.

If there was a third option in the sync mode that allows you to configure a sync-on-record update that would be pretty decent because it would happen way faster and you wouldn’t have to sync your base with records that don’t need updating.

Extra Sync mode checks every 3 minutes.


Yes, Extra Syncs occur every few minutes while the app is in use. It’s really just glide blindly pulling data regardless if there are changes or not. I think they try not to get to aggressive with it because there may be costs to perform each sync and it actually is pulling the entire Airtable database each time, so there are bandwidth considerations too. Trying to automatically sync every few seconds would get out of hand.

I really don’t know if calling the API would work or not. It’s just a random thought that MAYBE it would somehow trigger a sync with Airtable. I think you might be able to update a value in an airtable table through the Glide API, which may or may not force a sync between glide and your airtable.

Right, thanks Jeff.

It seems like it would be more efficient and economical for Glide to sync on a need basis.

Because even if it there are no changes there is an API call that occurs every 3 minutes.

Maybe, it’s worth talking to the Whalesync guys about the process for syncing data because their syncing is instant and doesn’t do nearly as many API calls then if it were pulling all records every few minutes.

If there is any interest, I am happy to make an intro.

Either way good to know how it works.

Thanks for the help guys.

Airtable has a new API that was not available when we created the integration that sends updates to us as they happen. We have not had time to add support for it yet.


Hi David, thanks for the information. Is there any way to prioritize this? When do you expect to be able to support a real time AT → Glide sync? Having a 3-5 minute delay in the application we’re looking to build on top of Glide make user experience pretty tough atm.

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Hey Guys, any news in here? @david
Would love to see Glide use the new API, making live-Sync available!

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I’ll just pump this too. I would say that this would make for a massive improvement when it comes to overall performance and experience of site. Plus, it will just save tons of API requests on your end, if a workflow only sync on a need basis and a per-record basis.


Please prioritize this! :pray:


+1 on this. I’ve created a time tracking app where mobile technicians can clock in at the beginning of the day, start and end assignments, and clock out at the end of the day - and the lag-time between ending an assignment and starting a new one will be prohibitive in terms of adoption.

To be clear: Airtable updates immediately, as I’m using a glide button that opens an airtable form - but the data refresh from Airtable to Glide takes too long; these guys will not wait 3 minutes (or longer) - they’ll just complain that it doesn’t work and go back to doing things the old way.

So - how can I get Glide to read updated airtable data faster?

Thank you!

P.s. This is the only thing about Glide that I have found so far that doesn’t work as well as I’d like. The interface is so good otherwise!

Why not use a Glide form, and then let the data sync to Airtable? There will always be a sync delay when connecting to external data sources, so your best strategy is to build your App in a way that will minimise the effects of that delay.


I agree, this works! I have changed my database strategy to primarily use Glide as my main database source that syncs back into Airtable.

I think Glide is a few improvements in the automation space from becoming my main database tool. The UX/UI that Airtable gives you can be rebuilt with an Admin Portal.


Hey Darren, thank you. That sounds good, but my only concern is being able to prefill the Glide forms the way I can with the Airtable forms. Can I do that?

Yes, you can do that. What sort of values are you looking to pre-fill?

The way this is normally done with Glide forms is by using Column Values, which are essentially hidden values that are submitted with the form.

If you just need to set default values, which the user has the option to change, that is also possible.



I’m prefilling employee name, the current assignment they’re working on, the record of their punch-in time… simple stuff.

Ok, hey @Darren_Murphy - I don’t know if what I’m trying to do is workable with the glide forms, so I’ll try to clarify how I do it with Airtable and see if it’s replicable:

Use Case: custom time-clock for mobile vehicle mechanics. Functions: clock in, clock out, end assignment, start assignment.

In Airtable, I use a separate FORMS table for capturing form input.

Each form submission is marked with a record type signifier that triggers Airtable automations.

For example, if the record being created is a “Clock IN” type, the Airtable automation creates a new record in the HOURS TRACKER table, which is then looked up and rolled up into the user’s record in the EMPLOYEES table as the “Current Clock Session.”

Or, if the record is being created as a “Start Assignment” type, the automation creates a new record in the ASSIGNMENTS table, which is then looked up and rolled up into the user’s record in the EMPLOYEES table as the “Current Assignment”.

Using Airtable forms, these automations take place instantaneously, but it takes 3-5 minutes for glide to sync, which is way too long for my guys, who’ll just get frustrated and refuse to use the tool if it has any delay or glitch at all.

So far, in trying to set up a similar system using Glide forms, I’m not seeing how I can duplicate this process so that the Glide interface updates instantaneously with a delayed synchronization with Airtable as a backup.

Does this make sense?