Airtable/Glide Sync Suggestion

My understanding of how syncing currently works and leads to delays (I know an update in December is coming) has to do with Glide waiting for the row to appear in Airtable first before displaying in the Glide Editor.

So even if the row is added via Glide, it first has to wait for it to be created in Airtable in order to be sent to the data editor (which is why we currently have a 3-5 min lag).

If possible it would be great if Glide Editor can become the default database and the submitted information syncs to Airtable after, so that we don’t need to wait for the row to appear in Airtable first.

I believe this is how Whalesync approaches their real-time syncing. If I make a change in Webflow, it automatically shows in the CMS. It doesn’t first wait for Airtable to get the update/new row.

With that being said, I don’t know the technical limitations of it all, so maybe this is not possible at all.

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It’s actually supposed to do both: it adds the row on Glide’s side, at the same time it adds it to Airtable, and then it follows along with a sync.

cc @Daniel_Sweet for deets

Ah right, when I was talking to support about this the other day, they said that is creates an “invisible/temporary” state for the record in Glide and it waits until Airtable (which runs on the sync schedule) confirms the record creation before displaying it in the Glide Editor.

Also, while in the invisible/temporary state, you can’t see it in the Glide Editor and it therefore doesn’t show in the app.


The way our back end works is we record the row in a temporary state and send it to AirTable. We do not show the row in Glide until we get a confirmation from AT that it has been written. We then take the sync off the sync queue list and expose the row in Glide.

@david just wanted to refer back to my previous comment, just to ensure I am not doing something incorrectly, because this would fix a lot of my syncing issues, if it is possible to have the row appear immediately in glide (even before it is created in airtable)