Continued Airtable Syncing Issue

I have reported this issue separately to support but wanted to create this topic in case anyone else is running into similar issues.

Summary of the problem:

  1. User adds some form of information to Glide (let’s say for example, they complete an onboarding form)
  2. The information is submitted but does not appear in Glide (from my understanding from previous conversations with support, because it creates “invisible row” in Glide until it gets confirmed by Airtable)
  3. The row doesn’t appear in Airtable for a few minutes and as a result any information the user submitted is not saved
  4. Glide then syncs the Airtable information which is blank because the data was never sent to Airtable in the first place and overrides all of the submitted information in Glide.

The reason I bring this up again is because I feel like there is little clarity around how Glide approaches the syncing process.

@david commented somewhere that any data submitted in Glide should appear in Glide immediately and then eventually sync into Airtable (which makes most sense)

But support and I have seen team members comment on this in the forum (sorry couldn’t find the post) have stated that it doesn’t “save” in Glide until it’s confirmed by Airtable which means that if for some reason the data doesn’t get to Airtable, it simply overrides whatever the user put in Glide.

My personal preference for this:
Glide should be used as the source of truth:

  • When a user submits data in Glide, it should consider this information the most up-to-date information regardless of whether it is already in Airtable or not
  • Glide should then send the data to Airtable to reflect the changes a user made

@Connor_Finlayson - I’m finding exactly the same issues and it’s causing a lot of things to brake. If you create a new record and then edit it right away, it will show as saved but then 5/10 min later it will all disappear because Glide didn’t actually send the data to Airtable, I’m guessing because it didn’t have a link between the Glide row and Airtable row until Airtable sent back a reference with the next sync.

@Robert_Petitto - Are you finding any issues?