Data going from Glide to Airtable does not update

I have an app where parts of the it lives in Airtable.
I’ve been away for a week, and since yesterday it seems that whatever data I generate in Glide is not reflected in my Airtable Database, but if I add data in Airtable it shows up in Glide.

I don’t know if it’s related, but yesterday I unlinked one tab from Airtable and recreated the same as a Glide tab.
I assume in theory it shouldn’t affect my other links?

I’ve tried to restart the Browser and Airtable app.
I’ve used manual sync in Glide, but no matter what I can’t get the data to go to Airtable.

Below I did a loom video

Does anyone have any ideas?

It seemed all my ‘training data’ got deleted 8pm UK time - if that means anything to anyone. Though it didn’t delete in all my airtable tabs.

Please submit a ticket here so the support team can look further into the problem.

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