Glide and airtable stopped syncing, how can I refresh?

I’ve looked all over the internet and this forum without results. Here’s my issue:

  • We have an Airtable base setup for CRM (sales management) with Glide front end to record sales notes and create new contacts, locations, and companies

  • It’s connected to Airtable API as far as I can tell in the back end, and was working up until 2 weeks ago

  • Since it stopped syncing, the Glide entries go nowhere, don’t go into Airtable anyways, and the manual entries I’m added to airtable are not updating on Glide either. So there’s a breakdown of 2-way syncing.

So now my main questions are:

  1. How can I refresh the airtable API or reconnect it safely?
  2. I tried to look into duplicating and pulling a fresh version but I don’t want to break it further.

I’m new to airtable and glide, and loved it until it broke lol. I didn’t build the app setup whatsoever, and contractor who did is MIA… So now I’m hung out to dry. We can’t afford Pro Plan to get support either, so I’M DYING FOR SOME HELP, and at least anyone who can point me in the right direction.

Thank you!

Found this link and it worked. “Unlinked” the different tables in Glide (which basically deleted the old ones) then I re-added new airtable connection with refreshed token.