"Glide could not reload the sheet" sync with Airtable

Hi, I keep getting this error message (Error 1035) “Glide could not reload the sheet” while working/switching between multiple projects within Glide. Two of my projects are using Airtable as the source.

I manage to reconnect it by linking it again which basically prompting to give access again, re adding the base. How do I make sure it doesn’t get disconnected again? Is there something I need to do on Airtable or the Glide end?

I also tested creating a new base in Airtable and start from scratch but still facing the same syncing error after a short period of time.

I’m on a legacy business plan.

Did you reauthenticate Airtable any time after the API key deprecation?

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I’ve found the fix for my issue I was re-authenticating two bases on separate projects. When re-authenticating, after I hit “Grant Base”, I selected only one base instead of “All current and future projects” in Airtable. That causing only able to authenticate one project (from one Airtable base) at a time.

(I was also following these steps - Urgent Issue: Glide <> Airtable Data Syncing Not Working (Error 1035) - #5 by jonlutz79)

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