Urgent Issue: Glide <> Airtable Data Syncing Not Working (Error 1035)

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Describe the bug:

  • Airtable data is no longer syncing with Glide. The following error appears when attempting a manual sync of data within the Glide data editor:

Glide could not reload the sheet
Make sure the sheet exists and has not been moved to a different location that causes the Glide login email account to not be able to access the sheet. Error: 1035

Expected behavior:

  • Glide should reflect the latest data in Airtable after a sync.

How to replicate:

  • Attempt a manual sync of either Airtable data source connected to Glide.

Link to demo recording (optional):

@jonlutz79 - thanks for the Loom recording.

I’ve passed this thread along to the team. Have you opened a support ticket as well?

Yes, the support ticket # is 2143581509. I’ve just heard back from support that they are looking into the issue although no expected resolution timeframe was given. From what I’ve seen in other posts this has been an issue for a number of customers in the past few months. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any report back with any kind of successful outcome.

Have you found any solution for this? I’ve been facing the same issue for a few days now for my airtable connection.

I would recommend contacting Glide support as your issue may be different than mine, but I can let you know the workaround they suggested that got me going again in the hopes that it can do the same for you:

For now, one workaround is to reauthenticate your OAuth authentication with Airtable. If you do this, you need to make sure you are signed in with the Glide account that configured the original authentication with Airtable. If you use another user, it will duplicate all your data tables.

Re-authenticating OAuth:

  1. In your browser, open your Airtable.com account and make sure the current user has read/write access to the base used in your Glide app.
  2. In a second browser tab, sign into your Glide account as the user who configured the original OAuth authentication. If you don’t know who this is, contact Glide support and we’ll help figure this out for you.
  3. Navigate to the team containing your Airtable-based apps.
  4. Open the app that uses Airtable and navigate to the Data Editor screen.
  5. On the left side of the page, click the plus sign (+) to the right of TABLES and choose Airtable in the dropdown.
  6. In the popup, click Edit Airtable integration.
  7. In the next popup, click Delete.
  8. Once again, click the plus sign (+) to the right of TABLES and choose Airtable in the dropdown.
  9. A new popup should appear that says Connect to Airtable. Click the Connect to Airtable button.
  10. A new browser tab titled Glide is requesting Airtable access should open. Click + Add a base, select the same base used in your original app, and then click Grant access.
  11. The tab Glide is requesting Airtable access should close, showing the Select an Airtable Base popup again. Below the dropdown, it should now say Edit Airtable Integration. Below the title AIRTABLE BASES, select the base you want the app to use and click Add Source.
  12. This should complete the re-authentication to Airtable.
  13. In the bottom left corner of the Data Editor page, click the Manual Sync arrow button to the right of Airtable under the title DATA SOURCES.
    If you have multiple bases, you will need to complete steps 10-13 for each base. Alternatively, you can use the Airtable option, “All current and future bases in all current and future workspaces”.

@jonlutz79 it worked! Thank you so much for your help! Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

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