[Action Required] Reconnect Airtable OAuth

I received an automatic message from Glide asking asking me to reauthenticate to Airtable.

I clicked the button in the email, but send me to a page that keeps loading and stays stuck.
I tried to click the button while being logged in to Glide, logged out. But nothing.
I tried to send a message to the support, but no answer neither.

As the message indicates, all the apps (5 of them) that were connected to the Airtable base are no longer synchronizing with Airtable.
So basically, my apps are no longer working (it’s been 3 days already).

I’m on a legacy non-profit plan.
There’s not much traffic on the apps right now, so it’s not a problem of limitations of rows or capacity (I’m far below).

Has anyone seen and resolve this problem ?

Can you check if this helps?

Thanks for stepping in.
I already moved from API to OAuth long ago (I even had to do it twice with the help of the support).
So I think it’s something else.
And the restore button and link provided in the mail I received from Glide is simply not working, which is why I contacted directly the support first (but with no response so far).

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Thanks for posting! I’m asking our Support team to look into it.

Thank you!
The team concerned is named SOUND.AI and the concerned apps are shown below :

All the apps are connected to the same Airtable base.

Could you try using this URL? It should trigger the reauthentication process


I quickly tried and it seems to work.
I’ll make more extensive tests tomorrow.
If it is confirmed, I’ll mark your answer as the solution.
Thanks :pray:

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That’s great! It is the same URL as from the email, but there might have been an issue.

Let us know if you run into future problems

For the record, I don’t know if the following factors had a role for the solution to work, but before clicking the link:

  • I connected to the Glide account with the email that created the connection to Airtable in the first place
  • I opened the team which contained the apps connecting to the Airtable base

Ah, that’s it. You must be logged into the account that originally created the connection for the re-authentication process to work. Everything good so far?

It seems so, thanks for asking !

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