A third-party integration's access to your Airtable account has been revoked

Hello i’ve received a mail from Airtable :

The “Glide” third-party integration’s access to your Airtable account has been automatically revoked by Airtable due to security concerns around refresh token usage. This sometimes occurs due to misconfigurations of the third-party integration.

To continue using “Glide” you may re-authorize it. If you would like to contact the developer about this issue you may contact them at support@glideapps.com.

You can manage your third-party integrations from your account’s integrations panel.

In the integrations panel in Airtable the Glide has disappear but inside the Glide app Airtable is still connected but has no data, how can i refresh it without re-establish connections in my apps ?


Up, it’s a critical part of my business and it’s not working

According to Glide Engineering, this is a bug on the AirTable side. A suggested workaround is to “add” the same AirTable to Glide again, which may restore access.

It’s also suggested to escalate this to AirTable.

Update: there is now a note about the above in the Glide Docs.

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Hey, Sacha! Thanks for raising this issue

This is an OAuth outage on Airtable’s end. You can read more about the issue and see updates on our Status page: https://status.glideapps.com/

The Glide team is working on a fix to allow developers to use their Airtable API keys instead of the OAuth connection flow to connect to their Airtable bases. Stay tuned!

We have outlined a temporary fix here until we allow Glide developers to swap their OAuth connections with Airtable API keys: Glide • Airtable