Airtable API Key deprecation

As you may know, Airtable API key are supposed to expire Feb 1, 2024.
Glide has set up a new way to connect to Airtable through OAUTH.

The context : I already have a functional application with an Airtable API connection and lots of data, screens and mechanism.

My problem : I’m afraid that by switching from API connection to OAUTH connection in my existing app with break the app (I don’t want to try an find out, I would be weeks of work to redo it)

My question is : How do I switch from Airtable API connection to the new OAUTH connection without breaking all the existing table integrations (and breaking my app) ?
Do I just add the OAUTH connection and remove the API connection (or let it die in Feb 2024) ? Has anyone did that already ?

PS: I’ve also seen this warning posted by Glide here :
It says: Airtable is experiencing OAuth integration issues for all of their third-party services. Airtable’s outage may prevent your Glide app from syncing to your Airtable base. To resolve this issue, the Glide team recommends reconnecting to your Airtable base with your Airtable API key.

Is this warning still valid ?

@BrettH @Robert_Petitto can you help with this? Thank you.

I don’t have an answer for this…I think a Glide Dev would need to weigh in.

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Thank you - I asked the team.
You need to go through the OAuth process, then refresh the browser so the API key is removed. This should clear you up!


Thank you all very much for your answers.

Just to be clear, is this the process I should follow :

  • Step 1 : inside my app, I select Airtable as a data new connection

  • Step 2 : I choose “Add another data connection” and select the same Airtable base I’m already connected to

  • Step 3 : I connect to the Airtable base through OAuth

  • Step 4 : I edit the current Airtable API key and delete it

Is this process ok ?

Or from what you say, @BrettH, the Step 4 is not necessary ?

I have 5 other Glide applications linked to the same Airtable base.

Should I repeat the same process in each application ?
Or doing it in one app is enough ?

Thanks and regards,

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