[Action Required] Airtable API Key Deprecation Notice

As announced by Airtable, API keys can no longer be used to connect to Airtable bases. Airtable bases must be reauthenticated with OAuth for your Glide apps to continue syncing.

If our systems detect that you need to switch from API key to OAuth authentication, you will receive an email explaining which bases and team members must reauthenticate their credentials.

If the team member is no longer part of your Glide team, please contact Support.

Additional Details

  • Every Airtable base connected to Glide must be reauthenticated to continue syncing
  • If an Airtable base was added by a member to multiple Glide apps, this process only has to be completed one time for all apps using this base to switch to OAuth authentication
  • If an Airtable base was added by multiple team members, each person must complete this process

It is very important that the team member who originally added the Airtable base to the app complete this process.

If another team member adds the same Airtable base, you will create duplicate tables and leave the original table connected by API key.

Find step-by-step instructions in our Glide Doc. If you have additional questions or comments, drop them in this thread :point_down:


I can’t follow this process in a free legacy team. It asks me for an upgrade.

In the legacy free plan, it also doesn’t allow me to add new tables to an Airtable connection. Does this mean that in the legacy plan, only existing connections to Airtable are maintained, and it’s not possible to add or create new apps?

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Can you DM me your team ID? It is the 20-character ID that is in your browser’s URL when you open your team dashboard (e.g., nYyD7En4IhAsPfqrVT8Y)

Here is a screenshot of Airtable working for me on a Legacy Free team


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Sure thanks! sending it to you in a DM

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As I see in your screenshot my workspaces appear all as Free not Legacy Free. I don’t understand why as they were created previously to the new prices.

Not sure what happened here, but I just fixed your team’s settings. Let me know if you run into any further issues


Thanks @DJP i have my Legacy Free plan available now.

Getting Error Message when trying to connect airtable @DJP

These are old airtable sheets that no long exist on glide or airtable

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It asks to upgrade too!

HI I am also getting prompted to upgrade when I had free legacy - DMing you @DJP

Thanks for letting us know that your Free teams do not have Legacy Free status. I let our Engineering team know, and your teams should be migrated by end of day today. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Hi! Same pb as Tanya, also deleted these old data sources. How should we do @DJP ?

Hello ! Same here, the databases mentioned are deleted and, of course, not used by Glide.
Please tell me how to overpass this

Hey, Tanya! This issue should now be resolved. Please try again.

Same for you, Julien! Please try again.

Yes thank you very much!
One question: all the tables now appear twice. Does it mean I have to reset up all my app elements to base them on the new version of each table? If yes, this will take a lot of time and is a big source of errors… any tip?

If you are seeing duplicated tables, it means that the wrong user reauthenticated Airtable. Please check the email to see which user is supposed to reauthenticate your Airtable base.

You’re a genious, thank you so much! Solved!

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I’ve gone through the process per Glide instructions, is there any way to confirm that it was successful? I don’t see anything different in the data settings but really don’t know what to look for.