Connect Airtable with regenerated key

I’m in trouble at Airtable integration.
I made connection between Glide and Airtable. but there were several problem with synced tables.
Some of them could not be removed or not be unlinked so it let my database messy.
(green color tables from Airtable can not be removed)

I tried to break the connection with Airtable through regenerating API key but I could not find anywhere that I should put the regenerated API key at Glide.
Could you tell me how to change Airtable API key? Moreover, could you tell me how to remove synced tables from Airtable that I can not remove?

Thank you.

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@SantiagoPerez Estoy igual que @moonki, generé una nueva API en Airtable y ahora no sé donde puedo añadirla dentro de Glide.

Gracias de antemano

Manden un ticket de soporte con la nueva ley de la API de AirTable.

Hi everybody and the Support Team!

I have the same problem with the migration of a Glide Page and its Airtable base (with a new Airtable API key).

After browsing Glide Docs in vain and bumping on this thread, I have just sent a support request ticket to

Object : Support ticket : Connect Page to Airtable with regenerated API key (CJD)

Is it still the right way to proceed, @SantiagoPerez?

Thank you / Muchas gracias,