Airtable integration doesn't work


Airtable integration doesn’t work as I haven’t receive any screen to set it up.

First of all… I created the Glide account using my email … then I wanted to use Google Sheets so after I connected to Google it kinda change the user with the user name I had in Google, as the emails were different. Now, as I also want to try Airtable bases I receive these and no option to connect to Airtable.

Any suggestions ?

As I am looking at some other apps, I noticed that I’ve tested airtable in one app but since there I had to change the API key, so the connection might have worked before, but because the API KEY changed the connection is not there anymore … any ways to be able to disconnect it and add it again ?

Hi @Ovi,

You need to submit a ticket with the new API key so we can change it for you.

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