Onboarding screen entry fields unresponsive

My app’s URL: https://tired-frame-6762.glideapp.io/
Hi Gliders, I have an onboarding screen that used to work fine. Now the Name, phone number entry fields are really unresponsive. It takes so many taps in the entry field for it to allow input of names & number. We are losing sign ups rapidly. I have noticed recently that there have been numerous emails but no further details entered. I was asked by the venue who is using the app to make the process easier, not realising that somehow it was almost impossible now to enter the details.

I am had not changed the onboarding for at least 2 months. I have now removed 2 entry fields only leaving Names & phone. But the fields are still extremely unresponsive.

I have tested this on 2 different iPhones & a desktop.

Perhaps someone has an idea where I should start trouble shooting?

Cheers Brad

This happens when your detail screen is editing an empty row. I see the the fields become editable after about 10 seconds—is something calculating the current row for the Welcome screen?

Hi @david thanks for the feedback, what is the solution?

Nope nothing that I am aware of. I have RowID enabled. There is a QR code being generated for the unique user based on the RowID

The QR code is only generated once the RowID exists. It is an array formula I nicked from one of the community member :slight_smile: ={“QR Code” ;ARRAYFORMULA(if(len(B2:B)>0,(“https://image-charts.com/chart?chs=150x150&cht=qr&chl=”&A2:A), “”))}

Use the template column to make that link instead of doing it in Google Sheets and it will happen instantly.

Calculations in your Google Sheet cause a loading delay, that’s what’s happening here.


@david thanks mate, I will try that. Cheers

@david thanks for the suggestion. I have got rid of the array formula in the Google sheet. I have the template column generating the QR code. So now I am on a mission to try to remove as many array formula that I can. I have a dashboard view using a Query function in Google sheets that looks up members access between certain dates & times. I am hoping that we can do that in the Glide Sheets now? I will attempt to migrate all that I can to the Glide Sheets. Cheers

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Tell us if you need help migrating those (with calculations & setting up etc.)

@ThinhDinh mate I am busy now trying to understand my predicament!! :slight_smile: Are you on whatsApp?

Ah unfortunately not. Shoot me a personal message on here or just comment them in this thread, when I have time I’ll try to help, as well as others :wink:

Ok cool - I appreciate the help from everyone.

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I have a couple of questions to try & get some idea of what are reasonable expectations & what is not reasonable:

  1. Sign up to app from a form outside of Glide, the users info is populated via Integromat scenario straight from a Carrd sign up form to Google sheet (instantly). All the users credentials are submitted, Profile is complete EXCEPT for one thing. It literally takes 2 minutes for Glide to assign a ROWID to the new row. I have attached a link to a video showing this amount of time.2 min delay for RowID from form submission Is this because the row is added via Integromat & Glide doesn’t know that the row was added? Will we be able to add users into Glide sheets directly like this eventually?
    I want the user to fill out the form, is redirected to the app link, clicks the app link & is then inside the app as a member with a complete profile. It breaks down because the ROWID takes too long to be assigned & you end up with the new user creating their own profile on the onboarding screen. Duplicate users exist now.
    I have the app setup as Public with Email. Perhaps there is another way to set the app up as just Public BUT if the user want to access their pesonal QR code for admission into the venue, they need to sign in with the registered email.

  2. Signing up from the app QR code works to a point. Since removing the Google Sheet array formulae it is way more responsive. The ROWID is assigned almost immediately - HOWEVER my onboarding page gets a refresh mid form & the screen is a blank white view. The person signing up either has to shut the app & restart the process or just gives up.

Perhaps I have made some errors in the Onboarding form which forces a page refresh. I have followed @Robert_Petitto’s onboarding Gamification videos, done tab visibility with User Profile is True for non onboarding tabs, & used Email is Signed in User to restrict the field data on the onboarding form.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

Possibly, it takes Google a while to check for new updates. There’s no official communication whether you can send data to Glide Sheets via external methods in the future.

I’m not sure exactly what your flow is for “User Profile is True”, you can have a number column which sets to increase via a button when users have filled out all the needed details. That is my go-to method.

Hi @ThinhDinh, sorry for the late response I have been away. My onboarding process is the typical flow. User name. user address user mobile. There are 2 “Complete Profile” buttons - first button is visible whilst all profile fields are incomplete, but is kinda not clickable as it goes to a deadlink. Second clickable button appears once the final field which is Mobile number is populated. This button increments the Profile complete column by 1 & then the Has Profile column automatically changes from False to True & the user can access the app & all the info.

However I am getting a submission of the form mid data entry almost every time. I get a white screen & have to reload the app login screen to complete the sign in process. It is extremely infuriating & is a terrible user experience.

I have checked my configuration & there is nothing that should force the submission of the form without the Submit button being tapped. The increment is not happening as the user still needs to tap the Submit button to view the app upon reloading the sign up page. It is just a white screen that appears & you literally cannot do anything.

Any ideas where to begin trouble shooting? Cheers

Almost like my flow, except I use a shuffle action for the “dead button”. Not sure if it actually plays any role in your bug.

If you need me to look at it, you can send me a copy of the app to check in personal message.