Why does my data suddenly not match my google sheet?

I’ve been working on my app all day. I was almost done. Just trying to connect four additional pieces of data. I have everything in my google sheet working correctly. I just need the information to come through to Glide and it just isn’t and now its suddenly very wonky. Some of my data is missing parts of itself. My four new columns aren’t there. My relation columns and inline lists are suddenly empty and nothing I do to refresh brings the data forward. I appended the four columns to the end of on sheet in my spreadsheet so I’m perplexed. Completely. Pro version and I’m nowhere near any limits.

Thanks in advance! I was supposed to share this with a friend in the am and now it’s a complete mess after hours of working on it.

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did you click redo and see if it goes back to normal?

Nothing happens when I click redo. Also when I go to settings and look at my data, it opens a google sheet in a new window that does not match my active sheet. I’m so danged perplexed. The add forms all work and the new data goes to the correct sheet.

how did you merge new data in GS?

copy and paste or import range? or else?

I don’t understand? I just added four columns that pull data in from other areas. I have the same four columns in another sheet that I am disabling later and they work. The data is there, I just appended them to the end of the table after all the other data.

I just don’t understand WHAT sheet this thing is suddenly using. It is not the same sheet as my active sheet that was working an hour ago.

the other areas are from the same spreadsheet?

Yes. Basically, I have old data from before the Pandemic. We decided to change up a few things. I rebuilt two of my sheets from scratch to mimic the ones I want to disable. Everything was working fine until an hour or so ago. Suddenly nothing I am doing in Google Sheets is coming Back to Glide, but the stuff I’m doing in Glide is going to Google Sheets.

The spreadsheet I see when I open it in Google sheets looks nothing like the spreadsheet I see when I go to settings and data and open the dataset. I’ve never had this happen, My data has always matched Google.

Glide have some glitches likely, I have small changes in my tables too.
Even one of my google scripts end up in trash by it self.

Is this often happening or is this just sudden for you as well?

I know @Alexandre_Caruso is facing the same problem nowadays

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it happened before… i’m here for more than a year… i noticed this like 4 times

i stop using Glide for big projects… until they stabilize… they keep growing and improving system in a blazing speed, so it will bring some problems

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I haven’t used it since before the Pandemic and I’ve never had an issue until tonight :frowning: Timing could not be worse. I was supposed to show it to a colleague tomorrow and I finally had it exactly the way I wanted it. :rage:


I feel you! i lost my last project that i was working for over 6 months do to lack of undo button in actions and tables editor.

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glide is perfect for small, personal projects… it will take some time to become 100% reliable …
even Google messing up sometimes… so i don’t blame Glide… i know they do the best they can

just for giggles, try this…

  • Exit the Glide builder and go back to the Glide Dashboard
  • Refresh your browser tab/window
  • Open the app in the builder again

If that doesn’t help, try logging out of Glide, clear your browser cache, quit your browser and restart, and then log back into Glide

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yep, sometimes this helps

@Lucas_Pires is bang on. Your not losing anything becz you are doing anything wrong. The problem is this new bug /issue affecting glideapps. Don’t bother trying to reorganise your data or fix things… In fact, slowly it will affect many other apps. This might be more than just a bug. From what I know glide is tying to fix it. I’ve been testing glide’s own templates for two days now, they too are infected/affected. This bug variant seems to target one column only. Once you know the column then best thing to do is to avoid writing any data to that column. But this can only be a temp solution.

Best way to detect affected column is to write data to the sheet tabs via the app.


Wow this is both sad and angering. I’ve spent a lot of time and a small amount of money to get this thing up and running and it was perfect until last night. I’m about in tears here this morning wondering what I am going to do instead of this. I was rolling it out to my team this week and even showing a colleague. If I can’t get it fixed today, I will have to look for another solution. I liked this because I could do it myself based on my tech skills and my business needs. To find out this is not an isolated, but larger problem is just…GRRRR…