App Data slow to update Google Sheet

I use Glide’s unique Row ID feature as part of my app’s features. I am noticing it is taking several hours for the app-generated data to reflect in my Google Sheet.


As you can see the table did not update the sheet value at all in almost a day. There’s a funny behavior with the Glide data table, where if I observe the column where the Row ID is generated - it will exist. When I reload the data manually, it will be populated in my Google Sheet.

I can develop a workaround in the meantime, by filtering by checking if the Row ID exists, or by manually reloading the sheet every once in a while, but it would just be ideal if the Row ID were generated and updated without my input.

That shouldn’t be a problem I wouldn’t think. Are you entering several records quickly, or ate they spaced out. Judging my your date/times it seem like data ins’t entered quickly. Do you ever get the yellow triangle on your Reload button?

@Sho Those rows were not added via the Glide app, were they?

Is it possible that there’s a yellow triangle on your “Reload sheet” button when you see this behavior? That would indicate that there’s an incompatibility between the spreadsheet and your app, which would also result in Row IDs not being generated for rows that you add manually or via a script.

If you see this issue again, please share your app, and I can check what’s going on in the backend.

The rows were not added by Glide, they are created by an external Form. However, the [:lock: Row ID] for that row is created by Glide. I suspect that’s what’s causing the issue.

I don’t get a yellow triangle on the reload button, only seen it a few times during development.

I checked the database this morning and it seems everything is working as it should, without my input, for the last day or two. Will share the app if the problem comes back in a persistent way.