Row ID's not Refreshing (Glide Apps)

Describe the bug:
After wiping data in gSheet with gScript, Glide row ID’s are not updating and pushing back to gSheet reliably. They used to refresh perfectly, with max 5min lag (acceptable).

Now, often after 40min or even hours, Glide is not refreshing row ID’s. So any Row ID dependent functions fail during this time.

Additionally there was a manual refresh button on the Glide data editor to force a refresh in the very rare circumstance a refresh “hung”. This was removed. Why?

Expected behavior:
1: Glide should refresh Row ID’s automatically (within 5min of update).
2: Manual refresh override should be brought back.

Link to demo recording:

How many rows do you have in that sheet, and why do you need to wipe out the rows? Are you bringing back the info in that Sheet through an external API?

About 4,000 rows.

Sheet gets wiped to update all prices. No external API, just gSheet script.

Worked fine before September when Glide started mucking about with everything…

Would it be possible to just update the other columns and not interact with the rowID column? I always try not to interact with that column as much as possible.

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Not really, because the number of rows varies each update. I’ll see if I can tinker on that line of strategy though. Thanks bud.

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Just for what its worth, I have a similar process going on.
One sheet with about 2000 rows
One sheet with about 800 rows
One sheet with about 2500 rows

All 3 sheets are updated on an hourly basis, with hundreds of rows being added/removed/updated in each cycle.

All 3 sheets have RowIDs.

I’ve not had the problems that you’ve described. I do have extra updates enabled.

The reload icon was removed from the top, but the one at the bottom left of the Data Editor is still there (and works).


Wicked! Did not know there was one here! This will help manual work.

@Darren_Murphy What are the extra updates? I’m on a paid account obviously, so shouldn’t have an issue with quotas. But this is curious.

I notice when I manually visit the data editor and click around, it seems to push an update. But until then, inconsistent at best. Monitor your data closely and let me know if you notice anything.

Tough sometimes with so many rows if not sure what to look for.

For now, manual refresh will help level out the inconsistencies, thanks for the find!


I get Slack alerts if anything goes wrong :slight_smile:
My users also start complaining pretty quickly if the data isn’t updated. The most common issue I have is AppScript errors caused by transient sheets problems (the dreaded “Service Spreadsheets failed…” error). But I rarely have any Glide Sync issues.

Anyway, it might be that enabling extra sync mode might do the trick for you. Let us know if that helps.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy and @Jeff_Hager. Found this and enabled it. Will monitor and update.

Is this a new function? (within last 6mths)

No, it’s been there for quite a while. At least a year, I’d say. Possibly two.