Row ID's | Not Automatically Adding

For some reason, Glide is not automatically adding new row ids to my sheet. Is there any way I can change this to they’re automatically added?

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It should not be the intended behaviour. Have you refreshed the app by pushing the refresh button in the Editor?

Yes – when I started working on the app several weeks ago I have been refreshing manually quite a few times.

Can you try refreshing again to see if the rowID is added? Does the rowID show in the Data Editor?

Refreshed and not working.

Just for clarity, how did you create the Row ID column?

Just using the data editor inside glide. I just noticed that the Row ID is only not working inside the “Users” tab. It’s working elsewhere.

ok. Just wanted to make sure you used this option instead of just naming a column Row ID.

Does your column have the yellow lock symbol?


Yessir. I did use that method.

Also – my users are not that important right now as I have a group of my own on there - so I’m not opposed to deleting stuff and re starting. I added another row ID column just now and it added to all users…

Thanks Jeff

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Yeah, it must be a bug somewhere. My suggestion would have been delete the column in the sheet then re-add the RowID column, but it looks like you are already there. :wink: I’m wondering if somehow the internal link for Glide to know to update the rowid column was broken at some point.

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