Thanks for the information on your case

Glide suggested I send a personal message :man_shrugging:

I am interested cause I am building an App which will have a look-up google sheet with 6,000+ entries. Users can select an entry and add ‘personal’ data to the entry. But the google sheet does not change, the ‘personal’ data is stored in a Glide table with a Row-ID to point back to the google sheet.

Two critical features of the app works like this (google sheet that is the ‘Master’ data referenced by user who customize the ‘Master’ data with their own info).

And, of course, I am using ROW-ID for both cases. But now I am considering also using a Unique-ID so I have two ways to access the data in case ROW-ID blows up. A bit of a pain but I will have redundancy.

Sorry about your issues - I am very concerned with Glide’s customer support and watching your experience doesn’t make me more confident (where it appears the community are the ones trying to help out with Glide support quiet/backup)



Well, in my opinion RowID is the safest to rely on nowadays, if it blows up, there’s no guarantee your unique ID will work either since there’s likely to be a sync issue like Rayo experienced in the other thread.


I think it will be a lot of pain for no clear benefit. You’ll have to have dual relations; dual lookup columns, potentially double up on custom actions, etc. In my six months using Glide, I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone with a RowID issue like that. And we cannot assume we know what the underlying issue was/is.

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We run a live app. On average we had between 10k - 16k rows mostly in Google Sheet without much issues. Off course we were working on methods to reduce the number of rows to improve app performance and also move as many we could into Glide Tables for multiple reasons.

Glide will enforce you to create RowIDs for the table you use in order to create relations etc. I assume since your source is a Google Sheet Glide will also write that Row ID in the sheet and depend on it to sync.
If issues happens between Glide & your Google Sheet or Glide loses the position of that row, it is very likely Glide will not be able to sync the Unique ID column you created as well. You will be able to see changes you make in your Google Sheet appear in the Glide Editor. But any update you write back to Google Sheets will not be made as Glide will not know which row to update in the Google Sheet.

I recall in the first days Glide launched the intro videos by Glide, even with a google sheet with 10 rows example there was a warning to be careful not to leave gaps between rows in your google sheets. So Google Sheets is the danger spot here for syncing with Glide. ‘Maybe’ Glide has to improve its functionality in reading google sheets, but i doubt there is an issue with Glide Row IDs. Just try your best to maintain an organized Google Sheet.

We are currently studying possible solutions to avoid such problems when they happen. I’l let you know in detail what options we plan to take or do to tackle such issues.