Data doesnt show when completing entry text, only on glide

My app’s URL:

When someone is logged in then can create their profile.
The problem is that they fill the screen connected to the users google sheet but doesnt appear on glide table AND google sheet.

So :

  • THey can fill the screen (entry text)
  • they can check their profil and see the name and email
  • on Glide there is no date showing up and same for google sheet

But when i use “preview as” on glide and fill the entry text then i can see it on glide table and google sheet.

Thanks for your help !

So you’re referring to this screen where users can “fill the screen”, is that correct?

I tried with 2 differents tabs

What “date” do you want to be filled here?

I just tried filling some details, did you see my info in your Data Editor?


I just removed some entries on the edit item to make it clearer.

You’re using a row owner for the email right? Probably that’s why you don’t see the other entries. Can you try removing it?

Yes for the email.
I tried to remove it and create a new profile but still doesnt work.

When you say doesn’t work, it means the profile inputs you make still don’t populate?

Yes it doesnt.

Can you make a video recording so we can know better how to debug this? Thank you.

SUre :

Seems weird. Can you try duplicating the app to see if the problem still persists?

Will do it tomorrow and rebuilt all the app I think…
Thank you again for your help

If you want to let me have a deep look then you can allow me to copy it tomorrow. Best regards.