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We have 2 Glide apps that just started having the same problem 2 days ago and no one on our team has made any changes to these apps to create the problem so it seems like a bug. The result is that 1. no new users can sign up, and 2. current users cannot edit their profile.

All of our input fields are missing on form edit screens. The component (like ‘email entry’) is still there in the app editor, but it does not appear in the preview screen or in the actual app. When I select the component ‘email entry’ (for example), the data column selector used to show the email field name, but now it shows a dash and it is grayed out, I am not able to select any column to read and write the data to. (see screenshot at this link: Screenshot 2024-03-01 100652.png - Google Drive)

We use Airtable for our database. And I checked that the connection is still good, and all the data is correct when I view it in the Data tab in Glide editor. I can’t think of anything else to try. Please let me know if you have any ideas to resolve this issue, I also submitted a support ticket. We have hundreds of users on this app, so we need it fixed ASAP. Thank you



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So when you open the dropdown, what do you see?
Is the screen with the profile still attached to the correct table?
Does the profile screen before the edit screen still show values for the existing users?

I don’t think it’s recommended to use Airtable for your user table. I would recommend using a Glide table instead. This would especially be noticable for new users. When the new user row is generated, it ends up in a temporary status behind the scenes until glide can confirm that the row has been added to Airtable. This causes the new row to not be visible instantly when a user signs in for the first time.

I am not able to open the dropdown, it is grayed out and unclickable.
Yes, the screen with the profile is still attached to the correct table in Airtable.
The user profile screen before the edit screen shows the correct name and email, but the image is missing - and again the dropdown for the Image selector is grayed out with a dash and is not clickable.

As far as Airtable - we need to use Airtable for the user table for many reasons. We have been using it for 2 years with no problem. I am aware of the delay syncing data between Glide and Airtable and we have found solutions for that, it has not been a problem at all for new users signing up. We designed the new user sign up process in such a way to avoid the sync delay. I don’t think the issue we are having now is related to this sync delay.

Does your user table have an image column? Kind of getting off track here, but I’ve seen a misconfigured user profile cause other issues in the app.

Yes, my user table has an image column, and it has been working just fine for 2 years until a couple days ago when this issue occurred.

Something seems off here. Just for the sake of trying, have you tried incognito mode in the browser, a different browser, or a different computer altogether?

Yes, our team has tried this across various devices, operating systems, browsers, etc. We all have the same issue

I think you may have to submit this issue to Glide support. I don’t know why the dropdowns would be inactive. Seems like something is maybe corrupted with your project.

Ok thanks, we submitted one ticket and they didn’t have a solution. Just told us to switch to the new app builder (Pages?), we are on the legacy version. Unfortunately that’s not an option for us because the new version of the app doesn’t allow the address to be hidden which we need for the safety of our hosts. So I submitted a second ticket and waiting for a response. Thanks for your help, Jeff!

Oh, so looks like that’s a Classic App? Yeah, those have been depricated for about a year now, and you’re kind of on your own if you still use them.

What do you mean by this? It may be different question for a different thread, but I’m not clear what you mean by this. What address, and what can’t you do in New Apps and you can in Classic Apps?

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Here is a screenshot of the old vs new version of the maps.

The old version uses the address or coordinates to show the location of the pin on the map, but it does not display the address/coordinates in the details. There is a secondary field to select what is displayed in the details.

The new version uses the address to show the location of the pin on the map AND displays it in the details. There is no way to hide the address in the details.

Our app is for a hospitality network sort of like Airbnb. What we need to display to the public is only the city, state, country of our hosts, not the full address (for obvious safety and security reasons for our hosts). If I select city, state, country only in the Address field, then only one host per city will appear on the map. We have two hosts in Temecula, CA (see old version map) but only one shows up in the new version.

If you have a solution, to this I would love to hear it!

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Hmm, not sure I have a great solution. One off the wall idea off the top of my head would require separate latitude and longitude columns for each location, a couple of columns to come up with a random number, a math column to add the random numbers as decimals to the coordinates, and then a template to put it all together and use that template column of coordinates for the address.

Another thought which might be better, is that since only using the city for the address leads to a shared pin, you could change the action on the pin to Show New Screen → This Item. Then on that new screen have a collection that’s either filtered by the city, or create a self relation in the hosts table based on city, and display a collection on that new screen sourced from the relation. So really, the pins are based on city only, and a user can click on it to drill down into a separate screen that shows all of the hosts for that city.

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Thanks for the ideas Jeff.

We actually already have a system set up to offset coordinates by a random number and direction so that the pin does not show the host’s exact location, but general area (for their safety and privacy). I tried just using the offset coordinates for the address, but then the coordinates display in the details. This doesn’t look good, but I think it’s the only option we have for now. Do you know of a way to hide that line using CSS?

I like your second thought, however, I think after you drill down to the city view, we would need to use coordinates or something else to show separate locations for each host in the city. So we might as well just keep it simple and use coordinates for everyone.

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I haven’t bothered much with CSS lately, so I’m not sure off the top of my head. Seems like a reasonable solution though if you are already altering the coordinates.