User creates new random email

This app is for a small team. Only registered users will have the link. It’s set as PUBLIC WITH EMAIL.

For some reason when a user signs in to the app for the first time a new row and new user, with a randomly generated email, is created - even though they’re using the email used when registering that’s already in the data.

How can I avoid this?

To avoid that, you need a pro app, and then you have the option to collect real email addresses.

I get that, but don’t need to COLLECT the addresses. I already have them.

I just need people to sign in with the email I already have without generating a new row.

ah, okay - I see what you are saying.

I’m not exactly sure, but I don’t think it’s going to work the way you’re expecting.
The whole point of email anonymisation is to mask the users email address from the developer (and anyone else that might have access to the data). If users were being matched to pre-populated email addresses, then that would defeat the purpose of that goal.

If you don’t want to utilize the user profiles feature, then I would disable user profiles. That will prevent new rows from being created for new users. But…it will also disable easy access to user profile data throughout the app, however there are still ways to get to that user profile information with some template/relation/lookups in every other sheet.


Jeff_Hager I set up my app with rows of user data that included name, email, photo, but I don’t think I ever enabled user profiles, and I don’t see how to disable them.

It’s very likely that it’s enabled. Double check using these instructions.

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I think you’re correct. When I followed the instructions at the link you provided there was a profile for the logged-in user. So I disconnected the team data sheet, and now there’s no user profile. MAGIC.

And, as you predicted, it appears to solve the “adding rows” problem.

Thanks a lot.

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