Email issue

So when a new user registers with email, the thing added to the profiles sheet isn’t the email but something like anonymous with a series of numbers and letters… The email will be updated when a user edits their profile… But how do i solve this that when they register, their email is immediately added to the email column?

Email anonymisation is standard with non-paid plans. In order to collect real email addresses, a paid plan is required. Note that it’s not recommend to allow users to edit their email addresses, and doing so will almost certainly cause problems if you have User Profiles enabled.

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Ah, ok I get it but if their emails are anonymised how do I make the pages like cart/shelf user based, eg. Amy adds item1 in her cart and it doesn’t show on Bob’s cart?

It still works the same, you can either use Row Owners or apply filters.

If you’re not using row owners, then I’d recommend adding a RowID column to your User Profiles table, and use that as a UserID. Then when a user adds an item to their cart/shelf/whatever, include a column for the UserID, and then you can filter based on UserID.

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Ah ok I get it. Thanks!

another question as I have an issue, how will the user id be added to the cart sheet? Do I have to manually add it myself?

You would do it when the row is added. How is that happening?
I assume you’re using an Add Form screen?
If that’s the case, you can access any values in your User Profiles and use them in the form.

Nope, I am not using an add form screen. I use the add row screen

Add Row screen?
Can you show me a screen shot? We might be stumbling a bit with terminology.

Oh sorry I mean when they click the button add to cart/shelf, the button action is to add the row of the item(the details) to the cart sheet

Okay, so you’re using an Add Row Action.
You can do it there, just look for the User Profile section in the drop down list when selecting values.

If you don’t see that section, that most likely means that you don’t have User Profiles configured.

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Ah ok ok. Thanks again