Email id duplication on User Profile creation

Hi, I have a problem with Email entry for first time login in my App. I have Public with Email ID as sign in option. When I share the App - recipient enters the email id - receives and enters the PIN in the Welcome window.
As the recipient submits after entering the PIN, the Database of App creates an entry (adds a row) with the email id in the User Profile Sheet. Here I have created a Form Button for the user to create profile and enter profile Data. In this Form either I use the Component to take User’s email id during profile creation or I ask to enter their email id again; in both the cases the Database creates a new line/row entry with the form fields.
The impact is that the original row entry with user email and new row entry both have users email id. The first one does not have any other column data while the second one is now populated with user created data.
Now the App doesn’t shows the user profile data even though I have configured the User Profile screen with all User Profile components data. When I delete the first row in the Database/Sheet with no data only then the App shows the User their profile data.
I guess the App considers the User in the first row while the App has itself created a new row for the same User. Until I delete the first one in Sheet, the App doesn’t recognises that its the same user.
I don’t know how to rectify this situation. Please help.

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Have you assigned the email column as row owner column?



A form will always write a new row. That it how it is intended to work. It appears that you have enabled User Profiles, so that will automatically create a new row for you when a new user signs in. If you want to add additional details to the automatically created user profile row, you should be editing the existing row instead of writing a new row through a form.


Yes I have assigned email column as row owner.

Hi Jeff,
From user experience perspective, it will seem very odd for a new user of the app to land on the first page and then instead of clicking a button for form creation I need to direct him to the upper right hand corner to edit his profile.
Is there a way I can create a button and link it to the edit button on upper right corner. So in either cases the user goes to the Edit Form screen.

You can either add direct entry components on the first screen, or create a button with a ‘Link to Screen’ (this item) action (if your default tab is the user profile sheet) and put entry components on that screen to allow the user to edit their details.


You can checkout my onboarding example with the copyable app here: Copyable: A Tribute To Chadwick Boseman & The World Of Randomness

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