User’s email address value randomly passed to a User Profile sheet

I’ve encountered a issue similar to what’s been described here. Working off the Instagram template, I have a form set up to allow new users to complete their profile to provide additional info. In the Instagram app, nothing gets written to the Profiles source sheet until a new user fills out that form. Once they do, it populates as below.

In my app, once a new user sign-up, their user email (only) gets automatically and inexplicably sent to the User_Email field in that sheet. A few rows are also skipped. When they update their profile, a new row is created with their email duplicated.

I’ve recreated the tab in the app and the sheet itself three times using different column headings and tab names - same result. There is one array formula in the First/Last name column.

The setup for both apps is identical as far as profiles go.

Any idea why this would be happening?

You should not have a new form for that, it will pass the email again and create a new row. Use text entry/image picker instead.

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That is what I’m using, there’s an image of it in my post which is not displaying. I thought about that but I understand why that methos works fine for IG template and the Bike Borrow one.

Second time forum search not in my favor. Didn’t make the connect between email and logins. Thanks, Jeff. This works. Downside is the Name and Image columns in the Profile sheet/table (now disconnected from app’s User Profile) don’t populate the app’s User Profile Name or Photo (connected to new Users sheet). I supposed single relations is a fix.

Edit: Using relations or lookups as data sources not an option. Using array formulas to copy data from one sheet to another.

Why not just use user profiles like before, but instead of a form button to create a profile, just have a link to screen button to let them finish filling the profile of the existing email row that Glide created. The Instagram template should really be updated to do this. There have been several posts regarding this exact issue with that template since user profiles were introduced.

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I actually tried that and it didn’t work on my end. It was not updating the correct row in the new Users sheet where Glide is now automatically dumping the user email. And I saw that you made that suggestion in another post. I like the flow for a profile update as well. Will try it again.

Which row is it updating? Glide user profiles and the link to screen button should be pointing to the same sheet. The link to screen button would link to the same sheet in detail view, which should be filtered by signed in user. The only record you can update is the record of the signed in user that was created by Glide.

That’s how I set it up. It was updating another user’s address. I’ll start from scratch and report back :slight_smile:

3rd time’s a charm? Works. But without form can’t require certain data fields (e.g. first and last name) and can’t pass a “date signed up” or “date profile updated” value if using editable entry fields to complete profile data. Only if enabling regular edit on that screen.

Yes, that is true. I guess I would recommend the regular edit, although there is the extra screen to tap through. I think you have a good understanding now to play around and see what works for you.

I have had major issues with User Profile. I had to throw away 7 straight days of hard work. Because of this awful experience, app launch getting delayed :sleepy:

I tried to do everything at first using User Profile but realized emails did not get thrown into User Profile once I had more than 10 check boxes to block and unblock emails. I Could only work with emails first past the post (10 check boxes). Lost 7 days of hard work because of a useless feature. Having said that, deployed correctly, which at first I did, user profile is brilliant and with it you can” control” almost “everything” (that’s how powerful it is) but crap at the same time: sorry! It’s useful for small things, not big projects.

Can you explain more about the “10 check boxes to block and unblock emails”?


Yeah it’s not a fantastic situation. You were trying to control the automatic add of login emails by using check boxes? I didn’t understand.

Sorry I wish I could. Trade secret :wink: